Avijit Banerjee, CEO & Managing Director of Argon Capital Advisors, speaks and discuss on how the Travel & Tourism Sector, comprising mostly of MSMEs and SMEs, should prepare themselves for Survival and Revival in the Post-Covid Era so that they are able to raise the right capital. This webinar revolves around – a) focusing on the immediate future and revisit the business model, b) ascertain cash position on “Day Zero” and draw out shorter term achievable milestones, c) decide on the funding requirement based on Day Zero and the milestones drawn, and d) Get an expert to translate all the above into an actionable and robust business plan along with cash flow modeling, and then hit the market for accessing funds.

Taking it forward from the article “Business World in the Post COVID-19 Era: Charting the Journey” that was published last week where the main focus was highlighted around “Survival” over Revival in addition to the emerging business trends in a new world, we are happy to share our video podcast on Positivity Campaign featuring our CEO & Managing Director, Avijit Banerjee and Ashish Kumar - Thought Leader, Influencer, and a Change Agent, and who's also on Argon's Advisory board. It was moderated by Nitin Sachdeva and have been released online. The discussion revolves around survival strategies, action plan, and what needs to be done to access funds.

While the discussion gravitated mostly towards the Travel & Tourism sector, the recipe discussed in the video podcast would be pretty much the same across sectors, especially the spectrum of cost re-engineering and funding aspects to tap capital/funds.

Hope this Positivity Campaign video brings in the much-expected comfort level among companies / entrepreneurs / business ventures on how to tread in the uncharted waters in the Post COVID-19 scenario.